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C'mon jess. Youv got an excellent motivator now.
need to be in a bikini in a week. Will be on display for about 9 people.
I dont want to be white and large.
i need to be 110. Then i can get my belly pierced again.
I have everything i need to do this.
baby food- check (cant not love this stuff lol)

i have no friggen excuse.
Just do it.
thinspo, thin, model

So fucking angryyyyyy

I fucked up SO BAD!!! i was excellent all day did a shit load of walking then dinner.... lotsss of ham, then pasta salad colslaw. fucking hell wtf is wrong with me the party is friday!!!
So fucking angryyyyyy

thinspo, thin, model

Soooo fucking angry!!!!!!!

Grrrrrrrr! just had another fight with 'that guy' again. god sake this is unvelivably shit i didnt even do anyting. nothing worse than getting hung up on! didnt binge at work but when i got home i scoffed straight down a hot roll then luckily ate my salad. might excercise tonight. need to budge this weight
:( xo
Soooo fucking angry!!!!!!!

thinspo, thin, model

ewwwwwww! :(

the. worst. day!!!
got my monthlys :(
ate everythingu never should
dont even wanna recall it.
going on a liquid fast i think. anyone tips, ideas, suggestions, participants??? feel free
 ewwwwwww! :(

thinspo, thin, model


i wanna be who i am. i dont want them to see me. i dont want to go home. i must dress to disgust myself. to prove im not anywhere.
must losefour pounds this week .... :I

thinspo, thin, model

gotta get on track

ok so i found a book in the wall unit... easy to read too
with lots of recipes and it makes sence
i was all about that low GI stuff..but this has GL too which is ALOT more nutritionally correct
just chek it out if ur interested  its pretty good...
so yeah u choose 3 meals a day with that green(healthy), amber (moderate), and red(only one a day)
its pretty easy to understand and has all the recipes you need so yer i been following well as lots of water
but i ended up eating cake todae-it was from my birthday-can u blame me?
well i managed to eat todae, porriage, a banana, cake,a smoothie, and i ate a mini quiche but i spat it out and then i was happy
just got informed im having roast chicken for ill cut on all the sauces,, then eat vegies then a lil chiken and throw  out the having trouble sik of dancing... anyone got any ideas?
thx xxoo... be light as air girlies
thinspo, thin, model

gettin looser

ive noticed ma jeans gettin looser- which is gud... but weird coz  ive been eating... like pigging out lol
but heaps of excercise so ya

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thinspo, thin, model nervous

im nervous- im seeing my bffl in two days and im DEAD scared she'l notice ive put on weight... thats the last thing i want coz i ve gotta go swimming as well with her!!!

SO ILL BE READING SOOOOO MANY tips on how to lose weight fast

today i got
F: 0
C: 2